What Size is Right for Her?
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What Size is Right for Her?

With the wide variety of pearl sizes available, many of our customers frequently ask us whether the size of the pearls themselves really makes a difference. After all, a pearl strand of same quality using slightly smaller pearls is just as beautiful, yet prices do of course go up with pearl size -- especially as you get into the extremely rare sizes (8 x 8.5mm and larger).


5.5 x 6mm 
Generally for young teens, 12 to 16 years. This is our smallest-diameter pearl readily available for stringing. It is usually bought for young teens but may also be appropriate for an extremely petite woman or if she specifically requested this size. It is very popular for teenagers for Christmas, birthdays, and school-related and coming-of-age occasions, especially confirmations, Bat Mitzvahs and sweet sixteens.


6 x 6.5mm 
Generally for older teens, 16 to 24 years.  This size more or less follows the same guidelines as for 5.5 x 6mm (above), except that it is generally bought for older girls who are closer to their adult height.


6.5 x 7mm 
Generally for 25 to 30 year olds. 


7 x 7.5mm 
Generally for younger women 30 and up. This is the best size for a starter necklace for a younger woman. It's the necklace she wears for her first day of work as a career woman. It's very popular as a college graduation gift and a wedding-day gift from the groom, and is also great for new mothers and just about any worthy occasion in a young woman's life: Valentine's Day, Secretary's Day, Mother's Day, a baby shower, or a "just to say I love you" present.


7.5 x 8mm 
Generally for  women 30 and up. This is  the last size in the lower bracket of more readily available sizes -- a jump to the next size, 8 x 8.5mm, more or less doubles the strand's price. It's really the only size one could call neither "too small" nor "too big." It's a staple of any woman's wardrobe; she can dress it up or dress it down. It's not too showy, and it very tastefully exudes an image of importance -- a classic for the upwardly mobile career woman. It also suits very well as a wedding-day gift or a wedding anniversary gift through the fifth year of marriage.


8 x 8.5mm 
Generally for younger women, 35 and up. A classic strand that nicely straddles the rarity brackets because it's the first size of the larger, rarer harvests. So it says "I jumped to the next price tier" without actually jumping too exorbitantly. From here on up, the prices climb much more steeply than they do through the much more common first five sizes. Anything larger than those has to stay in the waters twice as long to have a shot at growing that large. The sizes from 8 x 8.5mm up therefore become exponentially harder to harvest, therefore exponentially rarer, and therefore exponentially more valuable. This size is more important-looking and expensive-looking than 7.5 x 8mm; it screams "successful woman here!" It can be worn with everyday wear yet also looks the part at a black-tie event, where a 7.5 x 8mm might look somewhat skimpy. It also makes for a good strand for collectors and investors; the doubly long submergence serves to protect the pearls' price and gives them the best chance to appreciate in value over time.


8.5 x 9mm 
Generally for women, 37 to 45 years or extremely successful 30s. The Porsche of pearls. A power strand -- elegant, classy and chic. It's the Rolex Daytona of pearls -- Rolex Daytonas are the hardest watches in the world to get your hands on but are still attainable. This strand is plainly recognizable as among the more expensive breed and thus projects power, strength and stability. It makes for the perfect choker for senior-management corporate culture while doubling very nicely as an evening piece for a black-tie event. These are sure to be deeply appreciated by a sophisticated woman who loves and knows her pearls. A double strand of these is what Jackie Onassis typically wore.


9 x 9.5mm 
Generally for women, 45 years and up or extremely successful 30s. The Ferrari of pearls, and the CEO's strand. Simply regal -- and extremely rare. For a refined, discriminating woman who is serious about her pearls and won't settle for anything but the best. Also a solid choice for a woman on her way into upper management who now needs to notch it up over her well-worn 7.5 x 8mm strand. The second-rarest size, it makes for a strand that is sure to be very hip and stylish in any social bracket -- her friends won't stop talking about it (you'll score big points for this!). It is usually purchased as a versatile double-strand choker (18 inches) that can be converted into a single-strand opera (36 inches).


9.5 x 10mm 
Generally for women 45 years and up or extremely successful 30s. The Lamborghini of pearls. Absolutely majestic, fit for a queen. The rarest size of all, virtually impossible to get -- Japanese cultured pearls simply don't grow any larger than this. A guaranteed grand slam for Mother's Day, Christmas or any event for the elegant elderly woman. Made most famous by Barbara Bush who was often seen with her pearls of this size coiled around her neck. Usually purchased as a double strand (36 inches).

But there is indeed a difference between sizes. In fact, there is actually a hierarchy of meaning assigned to the different sizes: in much the same way that different rose colors mean different emotions and anniversaries have "traditional" gifts, pearl sizes correspond to traditional ages and occasions. As with roses and anniversaries, these are traditional "criteria" which are not always followed in practice. However, one should be aware that since pearl purchases are infrequent relative to roses and anniversaries, the criteria have been more durable, more resistant to change over the years, and therefore remain relatively widely adhered to for most pearl-buying occasions.

What preceeded is a breakdown of the various sizes along with their respective general age brackets and significance. We say "general" age brackets because as you will see the brackets are non-binding, since the meaning of the pearl size does not always hinge on age alone. However, it is generally advisable to remain within one pearl size on either side of the age bracket. In other words, you would not want to buy a 45-year-old woman the smallest pearl size, which is generally worn by younger teens. Conversely, a too-large size would look too big and ungainly on the neck of a 14-year-old and might make her look like she's too young to be wearing pearls.